Update: Mega Clearing Out Blog Sale: A few More reductions

hey everyone, I have reduced a few of the prices even more

I really really need these things out of my apartment, there is still about 400 items of nail polish and some makeup, so please please help me out!

the shipping is still $6+$0.50 each additional item, this is for ground shipping, it does take longer but it is the most cost effective for each of us

the spreadsheet link is also still available here
sorry I know some may not like the spread sheet, right now it's the most organized way I have for so many items

please, if there is any questions or you need a picture before ordering or you would like to order please contact me at makmipurfekt@gmail.com or makmipurfekt through MUA mail

-prices are in CAD
-I usually ship Wednesday mornings
-if you are anywhere but Canada tracking # or D/C# is ridiculously expensive (around $20 incl original shipping cost-just to give you all a heads up)
-I cannot pend items for more than a couple of days, just so it's fair for everyone
-once we agree on items/shipping costs I will let you know which email address to send the paypal payment to 
- I am open to swapping for the following: Chanel Riva, and Nouvelle Vague nail polishes and the new Chanel Topkapi Quad
-I will ship almost anywhere in the world


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